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Aljazy & Co. represents corporations, investment banks, partnerships, trade associations, exchanges, and individuals in a wide of variety of antitrust and competition, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures government investigation and trade associations. Our Managing Partner is a member of the National Jordanian Competition Committee which has been established by virtue of the Jordanian Competition Law, the main task of this Committee is to provide opinion and advice, in what relates to the general plan for competition, and its position in various sectors. Additionally, he is representing Jordan at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Competition and is the President of the Jordanian Competition Association.



During the negotiation and preparation of dispute resolution clauses in contract , Aljazy & Co. draws upon both its depth of experience and the constant interchange with international law firms regarding information on legal developments in international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (“ADR“ ) procedures.

Long before the enforcement of the newly enacted Jordanian Arbitration Law No. (31) of 2001 Aljazy & Co. was deeply rendered its arbitration and ADR experience in a wide range of national and regional disputes, utilizing its well – spread contacts with law firms, other centers and clientele alike, Our counsel and experts who are professionals in their own fields would lend their expertise to disputants, regardless of the different rules applied and the jurisdictions at which such disputes will be conducted. Our Managing Partner held his doctorate degree in International Commercial Arbitration Law, and is currently a board member of the Jordanian Arbitrators Association, as well as a listed arbitrator with different arbitral institutions, whereas Aljazy & Co. is a listed partner with United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)’s Project on Dispute Settlements in International Trade, Investment and Intellectual Property.


 Corporate Governance

We counsel clients in establishing guidelines, safeguards and compliance programs for effective corporate governance. To help them start the compliance process with the goal of achieving the "best practices" standard.
Aljazy & Co. has developed a Corporate Governance Service which includes establishing:

  • A complete set of corporate governance guidelines for adoption;

  • Board of director evaluation surveys;

  • Precedents or "working models" of mandates and charters for boards of directors, the board Chair, principal board committees and the CEO;

  • Precedents for key company policies, including an Insider Trading Policy, Code of Business Conduct and Disclosure Policy.

The Corporate Governance Service is provided as a single service, priced according to each client’s requirements for assistance with tailoring and other variables. In this respect, Aljazy & Co. has been awarded a World Bank project to conduct an assessment on corporate governance in Jordan.


Jordan was one of the few countries in the region which enacted its own Environmental Law in 1992, a legislation which was based on the National Environment Strategy published in August 1991, which was stemmed from which was then the latest development in the environmental trends and legislation. One of our Off-Counsel is not only academically qualified in environmental law, he is well versed and experienced in drafting and analyzing such legal tools, regionally and internationally.


 Financial Restructuring and Rehabilitation

Instead of jumping to the conclusion of insolvency, we would carefully consider the status of the troubled company with their bankers, bond holders, trade financiers, official and ad hoc creditors existing equity and Shareholders and investors. Accordingly, an action plan would be drawn up with the objective institution in a fashion, and to the distressed maximize the value sought.



We offer our clients superior multidisciplinary capabilities specific to the insurance industry, both locally and internationally. In addition to his vast national, regional and international experience in insurance and reinsurance markets world-wide, one of our Off-Counsel holds his PhD in Insurance Law.


 Intellectual Property

We counsel our various clients on patents, trade marks, copyright, industrial designs and trade secrets, as well as on the new concepts embodied in the intellectual content of digital information. We provide intellectual property advice in the course of transaction, prepare and litigate for a wide range of clients as they create, acquire, divest, and litigate intellectual property rights on a global basis. One of our main clients is a leading pharmaceutical industrial company that is considered to be a pioneer in the field of R&D. Our Managing Partner is currently teaching courses within the IP Masters Program at the University of Jordan, including the topics of Copyright, the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in settling IP disputes and E-Commerce. Additionally, he is a board member of the Arab Society of Intellectual Property (ASIP). He further drafted the first IP Guide and Manual in Jordan.


 International Trade

We provide legal counsel and representation on a wide array of international trade issues, trade policy, trade dispute resolution, trade remedy procedures, and technical analyses of developments in international economic areas. Our location between Europe, North Africa, Middle-East and the rest of Asia and the Far East influenced our trend to carefully study and analyze the economic and legal aspects and subsequent changes thereof, as they ultimately influence the economies in many countries of the region. Furthermore, our Managing Partner represents Jordan at the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).


 Legal Translation

Aljazy & Co. has been developing a wide experience in the field of legal translation, and currently is involved in providing technical consulting services in the form of legal translation of the main Jordanian corporate laws, in order to developing a comprehensive on- line database of these laws in English.



We provide private sector and sovereign clients with a complete range of litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution Capabilities. We handle all types of disputes, including antitrust, banking and finance, bankruptcy, commercial, environmental, Insurance, intellectual property, international trade, and labor, maritime and shipping.

Though the legal doctrine prevailing this region i.e. North Africa and the Middle-East is based on Civil Law applications, other schools of law also have their influence thereat due to the adoption of international rules and concepts or the Common Law applications. Such an environment is ideal for our Counsel to utilize the services at their best, as the high qualifications and the wide range of experience would enable them to tackle corporate and individual disputes prudently regardless of the nationality involved, the law applicable to the disputes, or the nature of such disputes.



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