During the negotiation and preparation of dispute resolution clauses in contract, Aljazy & Co. draws upon both its depth of experience and the constant interchange with international law firms regarding information on legal developments in international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (“ADR“ ) procedures.

Long before the enforcement of the newly amended Jordanian Arbitration Law No. (16) of (2018), Aljazy & Co. deeply rendered its arbitration and ADR experience in a wide range of national and regional disputes, utilizing its extensive network with law firms, other centers and clientele alike, our counsel and experts who are professionals in their own fields would lend their expertise to disputants, regardless of the different rules applied and the jurisdictions at which such disputes will be conducted. Our Managing Partner held his doctorate degree in International Commercial Arbitration Law, previously served as the President of the Jordanian Arbitrators Association and is currently a board member of the Jordanian Arbitrators Association, as well as a listed arbitrator with various arbitral institutions, whereas Aljazy & Co. is a listed partner with United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)’s Project on Dispute Settlements in International Trade, Investment and Intellectual Property.

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